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A “Smart Home”(AKA: Intelligent Home), is a house with computer, sensor and activation systems that can keep an eye on and control a broad variety of everyday living and home automation control jobs. Imagine extending the easy benefits you currently have like your TV remote, to include control for lighting, devices, entertainment parts, heating and a/c, communication, security, draperies and blinds and even more– from anywhere and everywhere, instantly and remotely. That’s the charm of a Smart Home.

Smart Residences aren’t just homes with lots of different remotes that control specific systems such as the lights or window shades, a “Smart Home” has systems that are incorporated to work with each other and can “think” for itself. Smart Residences are controlled by a central computer allowing the homeowner to command the all elements of the system by means of an instinctive control interface from anywhere they might be. A Smart Home’s controller can likewise take and make decisions action based upon pre-programmed conditions and/or occasions. A really Smart Home is made to improve the security, security, convenience, and comfort of your home. Your Smart Home’s functions are personalized to fulfill your household desires and the property’s demands.

Austin Home Automation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voZEEEaKT3c

Smart ideas

Let’s say you’re about to leave the office for home, it’s late, dark and raining, would not it be good to come home to a warm, well lit home although everything was off switched off to conserve energy when you left in the morning? Your Smart Home might turn on the heat the minute you left the office due to the fact that it knows it will take that long to obtain your house around a comfortable temperature. You just struck a button on your Smartphone informing the controller you’re on your method. The Smartphone can instantly inform the controller when you are rounding the last edge in your community to turn on the outside lights for you. Pulling into the driveway the interior lights begin, the garage opens, the burglar alarm is deactivated, and the interior security video camera views shown up on your smartphone so you can see everything is as it should be prior to stepping out. All that and you didn’t even need to press a button, the controller is pre-programmed for these responses!

Walking in, the interior lights in the entry and household space are on and the lighting “follows” you as you make your method to the bedroom to alter, always lighting the path and space ahead. When going to bed, with one touch you can make sure all unessential lights are off, blinds are closed, heating is decreased to standby/night mode and the security systems are equipped. With a predefined “exit” button, you can successfully shut-down your home as you leave, making sure that the interior lights are off, HVAC system is set at a standby temperature, the security systems are equipped and the doors are locked. Another function of a Smart Home is keeping track of your house’s various systems to make sure everything is working properly. A Smart Home will have sensors purposefully put to keep an eye on for water leakages, electrical usage, HVAC problems, well keeping track of, pool pH, and/or a host of other things relying on the property. In the event of a problem, it will alert you and/or a serviceman by means of a text message.

What else can a Smart Home do?

Really the only limitation on what your Smart Home can do for you is your creativity. Goinged home from snowboarding, inform the hot tub to be at temperature by 8pm. Having a swimming pool celebration, press one button and have the whole property’s lights and A/V system set for the celebration. Want to see a movie, a single button can command the lights to dim, the window shades to close, turn on the appropriate A/V systems, lower the projector and screen, and raise the Film menu. Going to be a hot day, the controller will instantly decrease window shades as the sun starts to shine on the exposed windows and raise when the sun is no longer depressing on them. Set the irrigation system to water particular areas based upon moisture levels in the dirt but only in between certain hours.

It got windy in the afternoon while you’re out, no problem the system is keeping track of the wind speed and knows to pull in the awnings. Your housemaid is coming today, send her an electronic “crucial” that will let her in once or every other day or only in between the hours of 10am and 3pm on Mondays and Fridays, its around you. Want to see to it everything’s fine back at home although you’re 6,000 miles away, no problem, take out your tablet and choose the video camera views you ‘d such as to see.

Pick a Smart Home systems integrator wisely

Home Automation HQ is a skilled systems integrator with a wealth of knowledge in controls and systems and making them work as one. We can incorporate numerous different systems (lighting, security, access control, HVAC, entertainment, etc.) into a single control system offering you, the homeowner, with easy incorporated intuitive controls. We keep all that sophisticated technology “behind the wall” so its simple to enjoy and utilize without needing to understand much about it.

So when you’re all set to start your home automation control project in Austin provide us a call at -LRB-512-RRB- 253-7346 to arrange for a free in-home examination. Planing a new home? We can fulfill you at your designers office to talk about incorporating Smart Home showcases into you dream home. WE anticipate working with you to make your Smart Home dreams come real.

Austin Home Automation Control System

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